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Site Access

About Site Access

Working safely is fundamental to our business.

Health and safety performance is not only the absence of harm, but the presence of positive actions.

Our emphasis is on shared responsibility, continuous improvement and visible leadership which encourages employees, sub-contractors and clients to consider the role they each play in providing a safe workplace for everyone.

To underscore and strengthen these safety commitments, contractors working for BESIX Watpac must register and maintain their compliance in an online Site Access system.

The system is managed on behalf of BESIX Watpac by Avetta, workforce management software and safety experts.


Contractor workers will be registered by their employer in the BESIX Watpac Site Access system.

The process is completed in steps in an online portal:

  1. Create a business account in the Site Access system
  2. Create profiles for your employees who work for BESIX Watpac
  3. Select the role/s they perform for BESIX WATPAC on a specific project or site
  4. Upload their qualifications and competencies (licences, tickets)
  5. Book online inductions which they complete before attending site

This information is verified by Avetta safety specialists. Compliant and inducted workers are issued with access ID cards linked to their online profile – their passport to access BESIX Watpac sites and projects.


Currently, the project site listed below requires workers to register in BESIX Watpac Site Access:

  • Barangaroo Station


Avetta manage the Site Access system on behalf of BESIX Watpac.

Learn more about Avetta.